Hire a bell tent in Yorkshire

Why should I hire a bell tent in Yorkshire… ?

.. I hear you ask. They look pretty, but what do they actually add to the party? Find out more on Yorkshire Bell Tent Hire.

The first thing to note is that a bell tent is a lot more spacious inside than the impression given in any photo. I’ve discovered it’s really, really hard to get a good photo of the interior of a bell tent and give a realistic idea of the space.  Our standard bell tents are 5 metres in diameter which means the inside footprint of the tent is 5m, which is pretty big;  big enough for 4 single beds comfortably, with room for furnishings and luggage, or 6 – slightly more cosy – and I’ve even seen set ups with 8 single beds inside! Find out more about Bell Tents on Wikipedia

Our 4 metre tents can sleep 4 people too – this year a friend and I took one of our 4m tents to a festival and camped for 2 nights with our two small children. There was plenty of space for all 4 single air beds and all our gear but a 4m tent is definitely more comfortable, and perfect, for a cosy night of glamping for two.

The bell tents we hire out across North Yorkshire and the North East of England have been used for so many different occasions. Christenings with indoor and outdoor toys, birthday parties – children’s and adults – we have table and stools to hire and the 5m tent can easily seat up to 15 children, and  garden parties and BBQs to give some extra sheltered space in the garden – from the rain or the sun. The addition of lanterns and fairy lights, both inside and out, make the tents seem even more magical when the sun goes down. This is why you should hire a bell tent in Yorkshire.


Hire a bell tent in Yorkshire


A bell tent is a beautiful addition to a wedding or special family celebration. Whether it’s extra guest accommodation complete with high level air beds, bedding. furniture, lanterns and rugs,  or a relaxing chill out space for your guests to use during day or evening celebrations ( we can add Bluetooth speaker and battery pack too! ) it’s sure to impress your guests and add something completely unique to your day.

Need a space to entertain your younger guests? We can add a variety of our outdoor games to any hire package.. giant Jenga, quits, tin can alley and twister to name but a few. We also have a big box of lovely wooden toys, building blocks and books for inside the tent and we can add childrens tables and stools, paper and crayons too. The children always love the tent and it provides parents with a safe space in which to leave the younger ones.

2020 will see the bell tents being used at a wide variety of community and charity events once again – so if you run a group or charity and are local to Richmond, North Yorkshire, just get in touch and we can see what we can do!

Our latest addition to the collection is The Glitter Tent. We are lucky enough to have an amazingly talented friend who runs her own very successful business adorning young and old with facepaint, henna and glitter, and next year will see the first bookings of a minimum two hours of Tasha doing her stuff with her eco friendly bio-degradable glitter inside one of our beautiful bell tents complete with luxury decorations and furnishings to wow your guests.

All in all, bell tents are beautiful and if you’ve never set foot in one, you’re missing out! Whether it’s a sleepover, a party, or a wonderful wedding, our tents can add that little touch of something different that you and your guests will always remember.

We can travel to anywhere in Yorkshire or the North East of England… hope to see you soon! You should consider Bellissimo if you want to hire a bell tent in Yorkshire!

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